Seminar – a research platform to be launched

The project Alvastra pile dwelling – an archaeological resource will finish with a seminar where the new research portal will be officially launched. An invitation to the seminar and a list of speakers can be found below.


Date: Wednesday 29 January 12.00 am, Thursday 30 January 12.00-20.20 pm
Location: Barocksalen, Historiska museet, Storgatan 41, Stockholm

We would like to invite you to join us – a day immersed in these topics from different perspectives and in the study of the Alvastra pile dwelling research platform. In the attachment you will find a list of speakers. A more detailed programme will be sent out later.

About the platform

Since 2015 a small team of archaeologists at the National Historical Museums in Stockholm has been working on the creation of a research platform, gathering all the resources needed for research into this archaeological site, unique in Sweden. The platform is now finished and ready to be officially launched. To help us with this launching we have collected a group of archaeologists who will give presentations within two fields of study central for the pile dwelling at Alvastra – Stone Age wetlands and Neolithic studies.


We need your registration by 1 November 2019. Please send it to jackie.taffinder@shm.se. Please find enclosed a list of speakers. A programme will be sent out shortly. And please state whether you would like to take part in a dinner at Swedish History Museum on Wednesday evening.


Stone Age wetlands

  • Daniel Groβ, Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian studies, Schleswig, Germany
  • Björn Nilsson, Department of archaeology and ancient history, Lund, Sweden
  • Mikkel Sørensen, Saxo institute, København, Denmark
  • Christina Fredengren, National historical museums, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Adam Boethius, Department of archaeology and ancient history, Lund, Sweden
  • Fredrik Hallgren, Stiftelsen kulturmiljövård, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Jonas Bergman, Archaeologists, National historical museums, Stockholm, Sweden

Neolithic studies

  • Nathalie Hinders, Stiftelsen kulturmiljövård, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Helena Malmström, Evolutionary biology centre, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Sara Gummeson, Osteoarchaeological research laboratory, Stockholm
  • Kerstin Lidén, Archaeological research laboratory, Stockholm
  • Tom Carlsson, County board, Linköping, Östergötland, Sweden
  • Stefan Bergh, School of geography, archaeology and Irish studies, Galway, Ireland
  • Magnus Artursson, Magnus Andersson, Archaeologists, National historical museums, Lund, Sweden
  • Lasse Sørensen, National museum, København, Denmark

A seminar organized by: Arkeologerna, Stiftelsen kulturmiljövård, Statens historiska museer and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

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