Digitalization is blazing forward in pictures!

Recently, the project benefited from a temporary insurgence of extra manpower in the form of two talented archaeologists who served as photographers digitalizing artifacts. One of our colleagues Sara Kusmin, as well as Jessika Lindquist, an intern studying her masters of archaeology at Stockholm University, have together taken over 700 photographs of various types of artifacts from the pile dwelling. These are in addition to the complete flint finds from the Eastern trench already photographed by Nathalie and myself.

Jessika blogg

Hammer stone (FID 1218621) Photo: Jessika Lindquist, SHMM

Sara blogg

End scraper (FID 1220695) Photo: Sara Kusmin, SHMM

All of these pictures are a crucial part of making the information and objects from the excavations available to researchers and the general public alike. Eventually, over the course of the project, high quality digital photographs will be taken of all the numbered finds from the field excavations, as well as any others found particularly noteworthy during current curative processes. People will be able to search, view and study them from anywhere in the world. And that, naturally, is a large part of the value and appeal of digitalization.

Greg Tanner


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Greg Tanner

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