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If you search our database under accession number 34984 you will be greeted by a cascade of Swedish. This is not how we would like it to be but at the moment we are restricted by the confines of our database. Eventually it will be possible to conduct a search in English of the following parameters: Key word, type, material, part For various technical reasons it will take a while for us to import the English translations of these terms into the database. In the meantime we post here translations of terms so far used for these four parameters in the registration of the finds from the Alvastra pile dwelling. The key word is used to answer the question “What kind of object” in very broad terms. There can be several different types of the objects denoted by key words. Type is thus a narrower term. Other words for these two parameters could perhaps be type (Swedish sakord) and subtype (Swedish type). Much of the osteological assemblage has already been registered under the accession number 34984. Here the keyword is bone and the type is the species of animal the bone belonged to.

Sakord Key word
avslag flake
ben bone
bränd lera fired clay
figurin figurine
kniv knife
kärl vessel
kärna core
lera clay
lerklining daub
metkrok fishing hook
organiskt material organic material
pärla bead
sandsten sandstone
skrapa scraper
spets point
spån blade
stickel burin
yxa axe


Typ Type
aborre perch
andfågel wild duck
avslag med retusch retouched flake
avslag med slipad yta flake with polished surface
bipolär kärna bipolar core
björn bear
bofink chaffinch
borrspets drill
braxen bream
bäver beaver
dubbeleggad yxformad double-edged axe shaped
dubbelspånskrapa double-edged blade scraper
enkel spånskrapa single-edged blade scraper
fisk fish
flintspån blade
fyrsidig yxa square-sectioned axe
fyrsidig yxa med slipad egg square-sectioned axe with polished edge
fyrsidig yxa med slipad yta square-sectioned axe with polished surface
fågel bird
får sheep
get goat
gnagare rodent
groddjur frog
gropkeramik pitted ware
grävling badger
gädda pike
hare hare
hjortdjur deer
hornkvick horn core
hund dog
höna hen
idisslare ruminant
iller ferret
karp carp
kort spånfragment short blade fragment
kort spånfragment med retusch short blade fragment with retouch
kort spånfragment med slipad yta short blade fragment with polished surface
kricka teal
kronhjort red deer
kärna med en plattform och slipad yta platform core with polished surface
kärnfragment core fragment
lax salmon
litet rovdjur small predator
mal wels catfish
mittstickel centre burin
mittstickel med slipad yta centre burin with polished surface
mård pine marten
mårddjur marten
mås gull
människa human
näbbmus shrew
nötkreatur cattle
obestämt undetermined
pålbyggnadskeramik pile dwelling ware
rundskrapa discoid scraper
rundskrapa med slipad yta discoid scraper with polished surface
ryggspånfragment backed blade, fragment
rådjur roe deer
råtta rat
sidskrapa side scraper
sik whitefish
sill herring
skedformig skrapa spoon-shaped scraper
skogsduva wood pigeon
skogsmus mouse
sork vole
spånfragment blade fragment
spånfragment med slipad yta blade fragment with polished surface
spånkniv blade knife
spånskrapa blade scraper
stor skogsmus yellow-necked mouse
stör sturgeon
sutare tench
svin pig
sädesärla wagtail
tjäder capercaillie
trana crane
trattbägarkeramik funnel beaker ware
tväreggad spets transverse point
typ a spånpilspets med tånge tanged blade arrowhead, type A
tätting passerine
vanlig näbbmus common shrew
varg wolf
vildkatt wild cat
älg elk
ändskrapa end scraper
ändskrapa med slipad yta end scraper with polished surface
övrig plattformskärna med en plattform other platform core w one platform
övrig plattformskärna med två plattformer Other platform core with two platforms


Del Part
Botten bottom
buk belly
distalfragment distal fragment
egg edge
hälft half
mc distal metacarpal distal
medialfragment medial fragment
metacarpal dist metacarpal distal
mynning rim
obestämd undetermined
obestämt undetermined
plattformsavslag platform flake
proximalfragment proximal fragment
sidofragment side fragment
skuldra shoulder


Material Material
ben bränt Bone, burnt
ben bränt, ben obränt bone burnt, bone unburnt
ben obränt bone unburnt
ben/horn bone/antler
bränd lera fired clay
bränd lera/keramik fired clay/pottery
flinta flint
flinta, bränd flint, burnt
keramik pottery
lera clay
lerklining daub
organiskt material organic material
sandsten sandstone
tand tooth

Registration of one artifact in the database with the translated terms highlighted.


The other parameters registered are as follows:

Föremålsidentitet Object identity
Inventarienummer Accession number 34984
Undernummer Sub-number
Fyndnummer Find number
Land Country
Landskap Province Östergötland
Socken Parish Västra Tollstad
Lokal Site name Alvastra pile dwelling
Fornlämning (RAÄ) Ancient monument number Västra Tollstad 22:1
Föremålskategori Object category
Sakord Key word
Typ Type
Del Part
Material Material
Beskrivning Description
Antal Number
Antal fragment Number of fragments
Vikt (g) Weight in grams
Relativ datering Relative dating Middle Neolithic

Some of these parameters are the same for all the objects registered. These are translated in the third column of the table.

Finds General Stone Age

Jackie Taffinder

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