Another bead

Photographed from Montelius’ publication by Ola Myrin, SHMM. In this phographed version the scale is not 1:1. The bead is only 29 mm long and 19 mm wide. On the 29 September last year I wrote a blog post about the small bone bead found at the...

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Finds News Bead Bone/antler

Hear ye, hear ye!

We are pleased to inform you that the flint material with find numbers from the eastern trench is now photographed and ready for you to look at. You can find all of the registered finds if you follow the link below or if you visit our website and...

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Eastern trench Finds News Stone Age

Visit to Lund

Recently, the Alvastra team went on a visit to Lund, in Southern Sweden, to take part and present our project for a group of Stone Age archaeologists active in that region of the country. While we were there, Nathalie and I spent a day studying...

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Eastern trench Finds Lithics Stone Age