Fishing at Alvastra

Accession number 34984:x221y425, F6 (Fid 1188532) Fishing hook of boar tusk Photo: Gabriel Hildebrand, SHMM The picture shows an exquisitely preserved and previously unpublished object from the 1976-1980 excavations at the Alvastra pile dwelling. It...

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Impressive Impressions

I would like to draw attention to an interesting décor that I recently found on a sherd. It is something that I have never seen on Neolithic pottery before. The specific sherd is presented above. It is a flat rimmed sherd. The colour is light...

0 2015.11.02
Eastern trench Finds Ceramics Décor Stone Age

Interim translations

If you search our database under accession number 34984 you will be greeted by a cascade of Swedish. This is not how we would like it to be but at the moment we are restricted by the confines of our database. Eventually it will be possible to...

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