The Alvastra finds as 3D-models!

Are you curious about the finds from the Alvastra pile dwelling? Today is going to be a good day for you then, because it is now possible to have a look at some of the finds as 3D-models! Very cool!

Through the Swedish History Museum’s Sketchfab-page (link below) you can have a look at a variety of artefacts from the museum’s collections, including a few Alvastra finds (which obviously are the most interesting ones!). At the moment you can view some of the double-edged axes, a strike-a-light and two wooden piles. Zoom in for a very close look, turn them around and enjoy all their angles. If you are into Virtual reality it is also possible to put on VR glasses and get even closer.

The objects have been scanned and processed by interns from Xenter, a centre for Higher Vocational Education, located in Tumba outside of Stockholm. The models were made using 3D-scanning and photogrammetry.

If you are interested at looking at more 3D-models of finds from the museum, here is a link to the Swedish History Museum’s Sketchfab page: https://sketchfab.com/historiska


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Sandra Söderlind

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