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The Alvastra project goes international

Dale R. Croes, Pacific Northwest Archaeological Services The Alvastra project has gone international. Just after Midsummer we attended a conference in what one of the participants described as beautiful Bradford, Great Britain. The Wetland...

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Another bead

Photographed from Montelius’ publication by Ola Myrin, SHMM. In this phographed version the scale is not 1:1. The bead is only 29 mm long and 19 mm wide. On the 29 September last year I wrote a blog post about the small bone bead found at the...

0 2016.05.13
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Fishing at Alvastra

Accession number 34984:x221y425, F6 (Fid 1188532) Fishing hook of boar tusk Photo: Gabriel Hildebrand, SHMM The picture shows an exquisitely preserved and previously unpublished object from the 1976-1980 excavations at the Alvastra pile dwelling. It...

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